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VPCart And Amazon Pay

VPCart And Amazon Pay
Tuesday, May 9, 2017
You can now integrate your VPCart site with Amazon Pay to streamline your checkout process

VPCart and Amazon Pay are fully integrated. Amazon Pay is a complete ecommerce checkout and payment solution that provides your customers with the same secure and trusted shopping cart checkout experience. With Amazon Pay, hundreds of millions of Amazon customers can pay on your VPCart site with the information already saved in their Amazon accounts.


1. Increase Your Brand And Trust : The payment gateway you choose significantly impacts your brand because when customers visit your e-commerce site, they expect a commitment from you to protect their data from unauthorized eyes. By leveraging Amazon's reputation as one of the most trusted brands as your payment processor will highly increase your brand. Your customers can transact on your website without sharing their financial information. In addition, customers can feel more confident buying from your website .

2. Increase Sales Conversion and Reduced Cart Abandonment : Your customers can checkout without re-entering their information helps you optimize sales conversion on your VPCart site and this can also help to reduce cart abandonment in a big way.

3. Easy Integration : You just need to download the module and follow the readme to install. The readme provides exact steps needed, makes it easy to integrate Amazon Pay into your VPCart site.

4. Proven Security : With Amazon Pay checkout , the burden of security rests on Amazon . Amazon Pay uses very latest encryption for security.

5. Fast & convenient checkout : Our Amazon Pay gateway support both normal and onepage checkout. If your site is using onepage checkout already, using Amazon Pay will offer fast checkout for your customers.


Step 1. Sign up for an Amazon Pay account.
Visit https://pay.amazon.com to register your new account.

More details please go to :

Step 2. Download VPCart Amazon Pay gateway
Please download the gateway from our gateway download page at :

In the field " Search for Gateway Name :”, please enter : amazon .
And then click " Search Gateways ” button.

You will see a result there, select it and then enter your order number and email address, then click the Get Gateway button.

Step 3. Install Amazon Pay gateway

Please unzip the amazonpay800.zip, and refer to the $readme_amazonpay800.html for installation.

If you have any further questions or any issues using Amazon Pay, please do not hesitate to submit a ticket into our helpdesk at : http://helpdesk.vpasp.com/


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