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VPASP teams up with PayPoint

VPASP teams up with PayPoint
Thursday, April 26, 2012

VPASP are pleased to announce a new partnership with PayPoint.net, a leading UK online payments provider focused on offering a wide array of secure payment solutions to businesses of all sizes. 

With over 13 years’ experience in the payments sector PayPoint.net pride themselves on working with merchants to simplify online payments by providing a secure, reliable and transparent solution supported by an expert helpdesk.

In a nutshell, PayPoint.net take the pain out of payments, so you can focus on pursuing your goals and concentrate on running your core business.

PayPoint.net promise to offer the following benefits when you use them to power your VPASP shopping cart:

  •          Secure & reliable debit/credit card processing
  •          Full support of VPASP’s recurring billing module
  •          PCI DSS level 1 accreditation (highest possible security standard)
  •          System reliability - 99.99% uptime with full disaster recovery capabilities
  •          Powerful anti-fraud and risk management tools
  •          Real-time transaction reporting with interactive & customisable reports
  •          Additional payment methods
  •          24/7 relationship management & technical support expert help
  •          Hassle-free trading & peace of mind 

To sign up for a PayPoint.net account simply visit their website.

Please post a ticket in our helpdesk for a quote on installing the PayPoint recurring billing module.

Happy Selling!



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