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The very latest version of VP-ASP Shopping Cart is now available (v.7.02.9) and includes the following updates:

1. PayPal Pro Enhancement: To include shipping info and email to PayPal.
2. Bug Fix: Searching multiple phase words causing infinity loop.
3. Bug Fix: Coupon always deducted before discount.
4. Bug Fix: Google Analytics not showing sales amount.
5. Enhancement: To include page number in meta title to prevent duplicate links.
6. Bug Fix: Remove default.asp from URL is not working with subfolder shopping cart.
7. One page checkout updated for business ready package.
8. Temando shipping module updated for business ready package.

Business Ready Plan customers will have these updates applied automatically by us free of charge. Open source customers who purchased their license in the last 12 months can download the latest version from the Upgrade Page.

If your license is expired, you can extend your license at a reduced rate here.

Happy Selling!

VP-ASP Shopping Cart


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