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VPASP goes PCI with AuthorizeNet

VPASP goes PCI with AuthorizeNet
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Exciting news peeps!

VPASP merchants now can be PCI compliant when they use the new AuthorizeNet DPM system.

This new interface allows merchants to take credit cards directly on their site and be PCI compliant.

This removes massive headaches for the merchant while allowing the merchant to present a professional and seamless check out experience for their customers.

We are currently working with SecurePay in Australia and CyberSource to integrate to their new PCI offerings as well.

We currently also support SagePay's Server gateway and PayVision in the UK which both allow cards to be taken on the merchants web site by delivering the card details fields using an Iframe.

There are a lot more offerings coming onto the market now so the options for merchants is expanding on how they can easily take credit cards in a PCI environment.

The new Authnet DPM interface can be downloaded from our Gateways Download page.

Cam Flanigan


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