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Version 8106 released

Version 8106 released
Sunday, December 11, 2016

We have just released the latest version of our award winning storefront software, VPCart!

This update addresses a number of issues brought to our attention by our customers and also adds some very nice feature enhancements as well based on user experience.

You can download the full package and do a fresh start by running the Upgrade Wizard on your database, make a back up first :), or you can download the VPCart Service Pac and just apply the updated files to your store.

The changes are:

1. Onepage checkout: Not working with Affiliate if Affiliate form is not activated
2. Admin user: Possible bugs while creating new admin user
3. Payflow Link/Payment Advanced: Error on Result page on to
4. Goggle Map: Not working properly with API Key
5. Better handling on Responseredirect routine
6. Enhancement: Side Filter: Only retrieve price range based on result
7. Enhancement: Side Filter: Only retrieve radio/checkbox based on category
8. CSS: productsummary.productdesc_table wider
9. Onepage Checkout: Added extra validation for safari browser for desktop and iphone
10. Bug Fix: Shipping: Quantity Range: SQL query typo error
11. Bug Fix: Cart Cookies: Bundled Child Item not restored from cookie
12. Layout: Grid/List: set minimum height
13. Bug Fix: QuantityRange Shipping: Wrongly calculate if extracost on extraquantity
14. Bug Fix: Surcharge: not working with xConvertEuropeanNumbers
15. Layout: Fix ie scrolling while loading process
16. Bug Fix: Multiple sites: Not working properly if installed on SAME application pool
17. Better handling on SQL Query if xSQL05Above set to Yes
18. Layout: Have max-width for IE issue with both left and right sidebar enabled
19. Bug Fix: Better handling on boolean type for mysql 5.6
20. Bug Fix: Blogs/News: Better handling on empty cdateadded field
21. Bug Fix: Search Products: Filter: Error if choose sort by price field
22. Bug Fix: Coupon not applied correctly after V8104
23. Bug Fix: Order: Not able to add multiple products into cart after filter process
24. SSL mode: better handling on code
25. SEO: Blogs/News: better handling if there is special characters in messagetype
26. Stock: Better SQL handling on update stock
27. Onepage: Shipping method: Should always display correctly on total price section if no shipping selection
28. Shipping: Free shipping on prices: Should always calculated after coupon and gift cert discount
29. Coupon/Gift Cert: Better handling on reset coupon and giftcert session
30. Bug Fix: Stock: Stock not updated if producttype is NULL
31. CSS/Layout: Fixed checkout graphics height for IE
32. CSS/Layout: Fixed IE image overlapped to text
33. Product Templates: Remove Grid Divs
34. Layout Manager: Free Flash: Support full screen mode
35. Onepage: Shipping method: Should always retain as selected shipping method
36. Bug Fix: Upload: Not able to upload to Root folder
37. Bug Fix: Slider Banner: Not showing on sub folder on 8105 version
38. Shipping method: Free shipping: Better handling on Display only ONE Free Shipping

You can download the Service Pac from our VPCart Service Pac page.

Or if you want to download the full package please go to our VPCart Upgrade page.

If you have any questions please feel free to post a ticket in our helpdesk or grab us on live chat.


Cam Flanigan


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