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Version released

Version released
Thursday, May 11, 2017

Earlier this month, we have just released the latest version of our award winning storefront software, VPCart!

This update addresses a number of issues brought to our attention by our customers eg Tell A Friend patch, and also adds some speed enhancements as well based on user experience and many more.

You can download the full package and do a fresh start by running the Upgrade Wizard on your database, make a back up first :), or you can download the VPCart Service Pac and just apply the updated files to your store.

The changes are:

1. Better handling on customer pricing on percentage
2. Bug Fix: Cart Cookies: Error if existing records more than allowed maximum cart
3. Admin: Languages: Updated languages not effected to the admin
4. Tell A friend: To verify not to accpet multiple email addresses
5. Side: Content Box: Speed enahncement
6. Better handling on creating new records on huge tables
7. Admin: Better hanlding on edit content record
8. Admin: Better hanlding on edit mycompany record
9. Admin: Better hanlding on edit prodfeatures record
10. Admin: Better hanlding on editrecord page
11. Admin: Better hanlding on edit templates record
12. Admin: Better hanlding on edittranslate page
13. Admin: Better hanlding on edittranslateblogs page
14. Admin: Better hanlding on edittranslatecategories page
15. Admin: Better hanlding on edittranslatecontent page
16. Admin: Better hanlding on edittranslatecontentcategories page
17. Admin: Better hanlding on edittranslatenews page
18. Admin: Better hanlding on edittranslateprodfeatures page
19. Admin: Better hanlding on edittranslateproducts page
20. Wishlist Product: Speed enhancement
21. Wishlist Product: Better handling on the process
22. Wishlist: Better handling on the process
23. Customer pricing: should always discount if checkout by guest

You can download the Service Pac from our VPCart Service Pac page.

Or if you want to download the full package please go to our VPCart Upgrade page.

If you have any questions please feel free to post a ticket in our helpdesk or grab us on live chat.


Cam Flanigan


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