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USPS Shipping Module Updated

USPS Shipping Module Updated
Thursday, May 11, 2017

Today we have updated our US Postal realtime shipping module for V8 and V7.

What is updated?
The update is related to the country names used in the file uspscountries.txt for International Shipping. The update is needed to make sure VPCart pass correct country names to USPS site for International shipping.
If the country names not matching what is already in USPS system then no International rates will be returned.

We have updated more than 40+ countries name in the file uspscountries.txt. They are as below :

8|"AQ"|"Antarctica" >> removed
9|"AG"|"Antigua And Barbuda" >> changed to : 9|"AG"|"Antigua (Antigua and Barbuda)"
27|"BA"|"Bosnia And Herzegowina" >> changed to : 27|"BA"|"Bosnia-Herzegovina"
29|"BV"|"Bouvet Island" >> removed
40|"CF"|"Central African Rep" >> changed to : 40|"CF"|"Central African Republic"
44|"CX"|"Christmas Island" >> changed to : 44|"CX"|"Christmas Island (Australia)"
45|"CC"|"Cocos Islands" >> changed to : 45|"CC"|"Cocos Island (Australia)"
48|"CG"|"Congo" >> changed to : 48|"CG"|"Congo, Democratic Republic of the"
49|"CK"|"Cook Islands" >> changed to : 49|"CK"|"Cook Islands (New Zealand)"
51|"CI"|"Cote D'ivoire" >> changed to : 51|"CI"|"Cote d Ivoire"
60|"TP"|"East Timor" >> changed to : 60|"TP"|"East Timor (Timor-Leste, Democratic Republic of)"
68|"FK"|"Falkland Islands (Malvinas)" >> changed to : 68|"FK"|"Falkland Islands"
75|"TF"|"French S. Territories" >> removed
109|"KP"|"Korea (North)" >> changed to : 109|"KP"|"Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic of (North Korea)"
110|"KR"|"Korea (South)" >> changed to : 110|"KR"|"Korea, Republic of (South Korea)"
122|"MO"|"Macau" >> changed to : 122|"MO"|"Macau (Macao)"
123|"MK"|"Macedonia" >> changed to : 123|"MK"|"Macedonia, Republic of"
130|"MH"|"Marshall Islands" >> changed to : 130|"MH"|"Marshall Islands, Republic of the"
134|"YT"|"Mayotte" >> changed to : 134|"YT"|"Mayotte (France)"
136|"FM"|"Micronesia" >> changed to : 136|"FM"|"Micronesia, Federated States of"
138|"MC"|"Monaco" >> changed to : 138|"MC"|"Monaco (France)"
143|"MM"|"Myanmar" >> changed to : 143|"MM"|"Myanmar (Burma)"
148|"AN"|"Netherlands Antilles" >> removed
154|"NU"|"Niue" >> changed to : 154|"NU"|"Niue (New Zealand)"
155|"NF"|"Norfolk Island" >> changed to : 155|"NF"|"Norfolk Island (Australia)"
156|"MP"|"Northern Mariana Islands" >> changed to : 156|"MP"|"Northern Mariana Islands, Commonwealth of"
166|"PN"|"Pitcairn" >> changed to : 166|"PN"|"Pitcairn Island"
175|"KN"|"Saint Kitts And Nevis" >> changed to : 175|"KN"|"Saint Kitts (Saint Kitts and Nevis)"
177|"VC"|"St Vincent/Grenadines" >> changed to : 177|"VC"|"Saint Vincent and the Grenadines"
180|"ST"|"Sao Tome" >> changed to : 180|"ST"|"Sao Tome and Principe"
186|"SK"|"Slovakia" >> changed to : Slovak Republic (Slovakia)
193|"SH"|"St. Helena" >> changed to : 193|"SH"|"Saint Helena"
194|"PM"|"St.Pierre" >> changed to : 194|"PM"|"Saint Pierre and Miquelon"
199|"SY"|"Syrian Arab Republic" >> changed to : 199|"SY"|"Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)"
205|"TK"|"Tokelau" >> changed to : 205|"TK"|"Tokelau (New Zealand)"
215|"UK"|"United Kingdom" >> changed to : 215|"UK"|"United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)"
216|"US"|"United States" >> changed to : 216|"US"|"United States (Domestic and APO/FPO/DPO Mail)"
220|"VA"|"Vatican City State" >> changed tO : 220|"VA"|"Vatican City"
222|"VN"|"Viet Nam" >> changed to : 222|"VN"|"Vietnam"
224|"VI"|"Virgin Islands (U.S.)" >> changed tO : 224|"VI"|"Virgin Islands (US)"
225|"EH"|"Western Sahara" >> removed
227|"YU"|"Yugoslavia" >> removed
228|"ZR"|"Zaire" >> removed

Who needs to download the update ?

Merchants that use USPS realtime shipping and ship worldwide.
If you have USPS realtime module installed, but not shipping worldwide (only US based) then you can ignore this update.

Where to download?
You can download the latest version (US Postal Service V4) from location below :

For VPCart (v8) :

For VPASP 7:

The download is free if you have a current license or are a Business Ready Plan customer, otherwise you will need to upgrade your license to download the latest module.

Please submit a ticket into the helpdesk if you have any further questions.

Thank you


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