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USPS Shipping Module Updated

USPS Shipping Module Updated

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Today we have updated our US Postal realtime shipping module for V9 and V8.

What is updated?
Effective June 24th, 2021, US Postal Web Tools will remove support for all unsecured HTTP endpoints. After this change, all requests to an unsecured HTTP endpoint will fail when attempting to access the Web Tools APIs and integrators may see an error message.

For this, VPCart has updated the URL endpoint as below:

Changed to:

Who needs to download the update ?
Merchants that use V9 and V8 USPS real-time shipping module.
If you are using older versions such as V7, V650, V5 we would suggest you upgrade to our latest version.

Where to download?
You can download the latest version (US Postal Service V4) from location below :

For VPCart 9:

For VPCart 8:

The download is free if you have a current license, otherwise you will need to upgrade your license to download the latest module.

If you are a Business Ready Plan customer, please submit a ticket to the helpdesk and we will update for you.

Other Alternative
If you do not wish to redownload and reinstall the latest USPS module, you can also update the related config xusps_servername.

To do this, please follow the steps:
- Login to your VPCart control panel.
- Go to top menu: Advanced Settings > Software Configuration
- Search for: xusps_servername
- Please update the value to use HTTPS url:
- Click Continue.

Thank you


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