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While most of you will enjoy increased sales over the holiday period, you are also likely to suffer from a large number of returns in January.

Sure, this can be a pain and may have a negative effect on your bottom line (especially if you have been offering free shipping / returns) but it’s not all doom and gloom, you can benefit from the returns if you ensure you ask your customers the reason they are returning the product.

Asking customers for the reason behind their return can help you to improve your online store and reduce the number of future returns.

For example, you own an apparel store and receive lot of returns of a certain brand of t-shirt with the return reason ‘too small’ - you could edit the product description to say ‘this brand is a tight fit, try a larger size’.

Another example could be a furniture store, you have had several returns of a pine table with the reason ‘table is lighter than it looks in the photo’ – this is your cue to take new photos of your products or, if you can’t correctly capture the colour, edit the product description to explain that the product looks lighter than the photo.

Having more detailed product descriptions is great for both customer experience and SEO.

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