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Using different languages with online shopping carts

Using different languages with online shopping carts
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Hi all,

Today I have been playing with the new VP-Cart 7.0 Russian language pac created for us by Alex Redin. (thanks Alex by the way!). Last week I was playing with the new Hebrew version.

I have been doing general testing of the new changes for double byte languages and am so far really pleased with what the developers have come up with.

Sparks an interesting question though. Do many of you have multi-lingual sites? Or do you just localise it specifically for your market?

If you are targeting multiple audiences how do you manage each language? Our language pacs cover the basic terms to be translated so all common terms are updated depending on the selection of the customer. But...

What about products and categories? Content? These need to filled in by you or your team. I know of one customer who has created I think about 15 different sites, each in its own language. HOW MUCH WORK IS THAT???? Obviously pays off though or they would not do it.

Do any of you have some good examples of multi lingual sites?

Signing off.
Cam Flanigan


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