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Last chance to update your site for new MasterCard BIN release

Last chance to update your site for new MasterCard BIN release
Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hi everyone,

We have had an update from MasterCard that this weekend is your last chance to make sure all of your sites are updated for the upcoming new BIN release.

MasterCard are intimating some hefty fines may come into play so it is definitely in everyones interest to get this one resolved  ASAP.

We are updating our Business Ready customer sites but for those hosting using the open source version you need to get onto this one very quickly.

The changes are quite small so should only take 10 minutes.



Final Reminder: Mastercard 2-series Credit Cards and Non-Compliance Fees begin JULY 1ST 2017.

Mastercard began issuing a new series of credit cards with Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) range (222100-272099) and has mandated that all merchants ensure they are able to accept and process 2-series Mastercard credit cards no later than June 30th 2017.

Effective July 1, 2017, Mastercard will assess the following non-compliance fees for each incident:
• Up to $2,500 USD for the first 30 days;
• Up to $5,000 USD for days 31-60;
• Up to $10,000 USD for days 61-90;
• Up to $20,000 USD for subsequent violations


If you get stuck or need help please jump onto our helpdesk and our team will be happy to assist:



Cam Flanigan
VPCart Customer Service


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