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Update Pac for Version 7.0 goes live!

Update Pac for Version 7.0 goes live!
Sunday, October 3, 2010
We have at long last released the Update Pac 1 for Version 7.0.

Unlike our normal licensing all VP-ASP 7.0 users will be able to download the Update Pac so even if you are out of your normal 12 month free upgrade period don't worry!

You can still download the Update Pac 1 from our site.

Based on customer feedback over the past 10 months we have amde over 30 enhancements to the core software plus have included all bug fixes so far alerted to us by our customers.

One of the enhancements include the really funky 3D Image Zoom feature. We have an example of this on our demo site.

So get in there and jump on and download the Update Pac and ramp up your VPASP 7.0 site!

Happy selling!

Cam Flanigan


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