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Uncommon Actionable Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Online Sales

Saturday, November 10, 2018

As a result of the massive number of people doing all kinds of business online, there's been an increased level in competition amongst retailers. So you are thinking what to employ that's not the regular promo/discount, free shipping, etc. Have a good read.

Get People Back to Your Website with Remarketing

Facebook, Google, and a few others can help you track the actions of visitors on your site in order to optimize the way you market to them. With your shopping cart you can integrate these analytics into your store and create remarketing campaigns that show specific ads to visitors who have viewed particular product pages or left items in their cart. Invite customers back to finish their purchases, you can send out remarketing ads with deals attached to them.

Reduce Language Barriers

ECommerce give us the power to reach across borders and just because you speak English doesn’t mean you can’t sell to someone who speaks Dutch. By simply setting up language with google translation in your store you can satisfy a lot more visitors. Also note that everyone speaks his or her own language — and by this we don't mean English versus Swahili but the way people use words when communicating with people online. Match your communication to meet customers on their level. Don’t speak down or up to your audience.

Hasten Sales by Alluding to Scarcity and Limited Time

Nothing kills eCommerce conversion rate faster than hesitation and introducing a deadline into the purchasing decision can prove a powerful tool to get those potential buyers who are on the fence to buy. Use urgency as a time-based strategy to make customers develop the anxiety of missing out. The price they see now may not be available after time expires and the opportunity cost of missing out on those savings is sometimes too much to pass on.

Remind People About Their Wishlist/Abandoned Cart

Wishlists are often forgotten and yet they show to you the items that people have thought about buying. Learn how to follow up on abandoned cart with your VPCart store. Use it effectively and it can boost conversions and generate more sales for your business.

Money-Back Guarantee

With online shopping everyone will appreciate a risk-free engagement and a money-back guarantee to assure consumers you have their back can also in a way tell more about the confidence you have in your own product. You’re simply saying you trust they’ll love it, so you have no problem guaranteeing their purchase. Retailers can shore up sales by tagging some special products with MBG, clearly spelling out terms & conditions, the length of time for which guarantee is valid, what satisfaction really means and what you will do if customer is dissatisfied.

Incentivize Sharing

Time to think about offering incentives and rewards to customers in exchange for helping you spread the word about your shop. The easiest way to incentivize sharing is by creating a customer referral or refer-a-friend program for your ecommerce store. Customer referral programs are fairly straightforward, as with affiliate marketing and can both be used to drive sales in a cost effective way. Learn how here

Utilize Automated Marketing Technologies

Automated Marketing technologies have to do with a pre-dated message sent to customers on their Birthdays, Anniversaries or Holidays. It creates a strong bond between a business and its customers which gives customers the feeling of belonging and the feeling that your business cares about their wellbeing. This increases love, trust and loyalty for your business.

Show Customers How to Use a Product/Free Install

Pictures and video tutorials showing customers how to use products can be helpful. The customer already understands how the product works and will be psyched to buying that particular product. If your product or service requires any sort of complicated installation or setup, providing this as a complimentary service at some level could be invaluable to the sale. When a consumer purchases a product they are usually excited to use it.

Personalize the Buying Experience for Customers

If visitors feel like your store is dedicated to helping them pick out the perfect product, then your store will rise above the rest. Use similar products category to help visitors decide fast. Take visitors on a unique shopping experience that is aligned with their personal tastes and styles. Use name personalization in your emails or on your website and recommend products based on previous purchases. This is a great way to connect with customers.

Be Active Everywhere.

If you expect organic sales to skyrocket you have to do better than posting just 3 times a week on your media platforms. You need to be active on all these platforms. Avoid the temptation of getting on EVERY platform but use several of these to drive the traffic, build your community and foster the engagement you need. Responding to messages, engaging with relevant audiences and building up strong relationships should be a part of your daily routine.

Help Visitors Trust You With Everything In Everyway

Nobody will want to patronize a site if it appears sketchy. One of the first things you need to do is ensure your website is secure. Using photos when you include customer testimonials can be more convincing than a message from some nameless and faceless person. Be clear with your return policy and fair with your discounts/promo. Stay true to your reward system and automate your loyalty program.
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