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The Mega Menu on The New VPCART 9.0

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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If you are looking at building a stunning mega menu on your storefront site, if you have ever wished that your menus were just a little bit more mega, Then you would want to try out the Mega Menu on the new VPCART 9.0.

On this blog post, we will be enlightening on the many advantages of using a mega menu on your storefront.


So what is Mega Menu?

Mega menus are a type of expandable menu in which many choices are displayed in a two-dimensional dropdown layout. They are an excellent design choice for accommodating a large number of options or for revealing lower-level site pages at a glance.


The Possible Characteristics:

  1. They’re fairly large.
  2. They display tons of information at one time – no need to scroll.
  3. They only get revealed when the user hovers or clicks, rather than being a static part of a site’s navigation.


The Mega Menu on V. 9.0


1. Mega display


2. Mega Menu with Right side Picture 



3.Mega Menu with Left side Picture 



Advantages of Mega Menus

We know from user testing that mega menus work. Here are some arguments to support this empirical fact:

a. For online stores with multiple product options, regular dropdown menus typically hide most of the options. Yes, you can scroll, but (a) it can get annoying, and (b) scrolling hides most of the options at the top of the menu.

As a result of this, your customers can’t visually compare all the choices available to them; making them rely heavily on their short-term memory and this can be to your disadvantage as People have enough on their minds, in the process cutting out a possible sale from your store. Mega menus show everything at a glance, so your customers get to see the different varieties rather than try to remember.


b. Regular dropdowns don't support grouping unless you use kludges, such as prefixing secondary choices with a space character to indent them. Mega menus let you visually emphasize relationships among items. This again helps users understand their choices.


 c. While plain text can be wonderful, Mega menus make it easy to use pictures and icons when appropriate. And, even if you stick to text alone, you have richer typography at your disposal.



The whole idea of a mega menu is to make browsing the shop easier, by giving shoppers faster access to specific sections of a store that might have a large number of collections, categories or other content. With the mega menu on the new VPCART 9.0, you can comfortably create a rich and stunning navigation menu on your storefront, create your menu themes, and customize the styles using drag-and-tools while beautifying the menu items with custom colors, fonts, and attributes.

The Mega Menu on V 9.0  will improve the navigability of your site by helping customers find products easily which helps you to sell more you build a navigation menu beyond your imagination.



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