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As mentioned in my previous blog '10 things that annoy online shoppers', slow websites are ANNOYING. Not only are they annoying, they can also have a drastic effect on your bottom line, the infographic below, created by Web Performance Today shows just how big an effect a slow website can have on your conversion rates:

If your website is running slowly, it could be for one of two reasons:

  1. Your website is being hosted on a low quality / overloaded server
  2. Your web pages are too large (e.g. lots of high quality images that take too long to load)
A handy tool to check your page speed load time is Google Page Speed Insights, simply enter your store's URL and let the tool do it's work. It will show you which elements of your site (if any) are causing it to load slowly and tell you how to fix them.

If Google can not find any issue with your webiste, then it is most likely your host that is at fault. At which point you should consider switching hosts.

VP-ASP Hosting is optimised for VP-ASP software and when you host with us you get a FREE mobile version of your store. 

Happy Selling!

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