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The Criteria for a Successful Checkout Process

Friday, October 9, 2015

An easy and efficient checkout process is one of the most important components of a successful transaction. Your customers should never feel that buying from you is a hassle, or that they have to worry about whether or not the transaction was successfully completed and that their order went through. To pull this off, your checkout process needs to meet the following criteria:

1. An easy-to-understand progress tracker

Leaving the customer clueless about the check-out time might make them hesitant to complete the process. Let them know how many steps are involved, and make them aware of their progress. This way, you can avoid cases in which customers just choose to abandon the checkout process midway.

A good tracker could be a progress bar that shows every stage of the transaction, as well as how far into the process the user is already at. This gives customers a sense of control over the transaction, making them confident enough to continue until the end.

2. A wide selection of payment methods

Oftentimes, users are a hundred percent willing to purchase a product from an ecommerce business, but are unable to do so because payment options are limited. Most successful ecommerce businesses provide the maximum amount of payment options, so as to reach a wider market. Some people prefer to pay using PayPal, while others find it more convenient to use their credit cards. Those who are wary of online payments only go for a Cash on Delivery option, so it's great if you can work on providing all these options to your buyers.

3. A trust booster

Even though ecommerce has grown to become one of the most efficient ways to do business, a lot of people are still wary of purchasing products online. With the proliferation of online scams and frauds and data leak news, you can't blame customers if they are extra careful when engaging in online transactions.

To establish trust and help customers overcome their reluctance to complete the checkout process, make it a point to display security icons such as, for example, a VeriSign Trust Seal. You can also include statements such as "100% Safe and Secure Transaction”. This way, you are giving customers a sense of security—making them more confident to purchase from your store.

4. A comprehensive summary of checkout information

Most customers like to consistently check if they've provided 100% accurate information. If your checkout process does not show a summary of the items in their cart as well as the information they have entered, your customers are more likely to navigate within checkout. This will make the checkout process longer, and customers more agitated.

In order to minimize cases like this and to make transactions quicker, make sure that basket contents are visible throughout the checkout process, as well as their respective quantities. Show the total price, and make sure to indicate whether or not the shown price is already inclusive of taxes and other fees.


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