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Target Marketing

Friday, March 15, 2019

Getting It Right

It is a commonly known and accepted fact that customers are the lifeblood of any business. For an online business platform, generating as much traffic as possible to the site and been able to successfully convert that traffic to many possible sales is indeed a dream come true. But doing so is no easy task, reports have shown that one of the major concerns for businesses is how to generate new business leads. So in this post, we would be giving out some easy steps to achieving that

Research your target audience:

Understanding the needs of your customers give you a much better insight into your audience, allowing you to develop services that are matched to their needs. It also helps you stand out from your competitors giving you a clear understanding of your own Unique Selling Proposition.

Knowing who your customers are, what interests them, how they think, what age group they belong to and the expected and which their other preferred service provider goes a long way to help you hit the right notes with them. You also need to stay in touch with the current trends your industry, what’s changed, what’s coming next and how do I adapt my business to these trends. Be a bit more proactive, engage your customers more while evolving your product to meet the changing customer needs.

Every business has its unique target audience that varies on hundreds of metrics but in order to grow and thrive, online business owners need to look at new and inventive ways to get new customers and build their business brand.



Feedback forms and analytics can make this a whole lot easier

Based on your research, upgrade your Business platform to proffer the right kind of services to both your existing and target audience

If you want some repeat business and you want to keep your existing customers, it is important you have a solidly packed platform that offers great customer service, proactive customer assistance, and a well-maintained customer loyalty system. Having an online platform that equips you with that extra business edge goes a long way to keeping and improving your customer base.



Research has shown that 78% of prospective customers have walked away from a sale as a result of poor customer service, while 65% walked away as a result of the poor website layout/ complex check out process. Every design change, every marketing approach should be done in such a way that it helps your target audience move through the buying process quickly and easily. Make sure you do all you can to limit the financial, psychological or emotional risk, offering a variety of options, making it easy for your customer to say yes to you and not your competition



Getting on board with a reliable e-commerce platform gives u a very smooth ride and greatly improves your customer service experience

Get out there, Sell Yourself

It is time to put your business out there, sell yourself on every social/digital media available to you, showcase your business and lure more traffic to your website with nice incentives, trust me, people love when they getting something back. Make good use of your network, nothing sells more than an authentic business relationship based on trust, inspire more referrals to your website and don’t forget to form a strategic partnership with businesses that offer complementary products or services in order to instantly access a new prospective audience.



Do you know a well-structured platform with customizable abilities can easily get this sorted out? Try VPCART 9.0


Play to you Strength

Stick to what works for you, It is definitely worth testing a range of marketing approaches and seeing what works. But always keep in mind that every business is different so you may find that some approaches don’t work, simply drop them and work more on those that bring more result.


Don’t be in a hurry, learn from each attempt you try and pick up the good ones


Don’t forget to continuously adapt as your business grows

It is important to keep track of business analytics and your financials as your business grows, get feedback from your customers and do away with all negative properties pointed out by the customers. As you try out new marketing approaches, be sure to monitor where your customers come from and which sources offer the most value.

Make sure you keep refining your market entry approach or scale up activities that work to grow your customer base further.



In conclusion, satisfying your Customer audiences can be a self-evolving challenging task on its own. It is easy to guess at what will work on your VP-cart site. Best practices have often proved ineffective for getting your unique customer audiences, so make sure you continue to learn about and from your customers, as this is sure to help you sell more.






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