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Selling Smart

Monday, August 12, 2019

Your toughest critics in sales are your customers, anyone who sells products for a living, online or offline would attest to the fact that customers put up their guard and find any excuse not to spend their hard-earned money. A professor of the psychology of selling and marketing, Cialdini says that there are ways you can get people to say yes to what you are asking of them. But the simple physical application of this theory is that smart entrepreneurs and salespeople find ways to build rapport with potential customers and then demonstrate the value of their product or service to call their attention.


Probe their dormant needs,

Customers don’t always know how to express their needs so as an online business owner, you need to learn how to identify those dormant needs and place an opportunity for them to be revived. Having a deeper understanding of what your customers might want and how they want it can help you make a sale faster than you can ever imagine. Take, for example, a customer might want a pair of shoes but he/she has not decided on what color to pick, having a platform that presents them with multiple options can help trigger neglected needs they might have overlooked.


Allay their concerns with Testimonials

Online shoppers sometimes have concerns about buying a product, to overcome your buyer reservations, try to share stories of how your other clients have benefited from that product or service.

Affirmation that other customers use and extract value from your offerings make your customers more open to buying.


Structure your sales process based on customer buying steps.

Replace your sales process steps with customer action steps. Continually drive for more specifics on the steps customers follow, such as seeking friend recommendation, scanning for good reviews and checking the impact on the environment. Tune your sales process to address each of these.

And make every sale a win-win outcome for the customers.


Motivate Your Customers

This tactic is quite simple, motivate your customers to a repeat sale by enticing them with simple give-away or unannounced gifts

Even if you did not advertise the gift in advance, slipping samples of other products into a customer’s shipped purchase is a sales psychology technique that can encourage repeat business from them.

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Educate your customers.

Fast track your customers to the middle of the sales funnel. If they are not yet ready to proceed ahead to the final checkout page, spend more time educating them about the value the products they are buying offers. Avoid pushing a hard sell and use email marketing and abandoned carts notification to share product information that customers can review to help them reach a favorable decision about buying. This approach allows them to progress through the sales funnel at their own pace.



Having a good understanding of who your customers are, can help you effectively address potential objections before they are even raised. This includes recognizing that you have competition and using the competitor offering to highlight your advantages.

Overall, the key is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and lead them through their buying decision process. Most customers don’t mind being led if they are convinced that you are a leader rather than a pusher. You must listen to their needs before charging down a specific path.



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