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SecureTrading Legacy System Retires October 5, Upgrade to VPCart 8 to Use New System

Friday, September 25, 2015

SecureTrading, a fully PCI DSS compliant online payment gateway, is officially closing their legacy ST2K system on October 5, 2015. The old system will be replaced by the new SecureTrading Payment Platform (STPP).

It is strongly advised that VPCart customers using the old SecureTrading system upgrade to version 8.0 so they can download STPP and continue making online payments work.

According to the SecureTrading support page, migrating to STPP gets customers a wide range of new features:

Card Store: allows you to store a customer’s card details in our system without performing an initial authorisation payment. These details can then be used for future authorisations.

Tokenisation: allows you to use the unique ID of a previous transaction as a token for future transactions from the same payment instrument that was used.

Account check: helps you to minimise fraud – validate payment and customer details without funds being reserved or transferred by the request.

Multiple Usernames: MyST can by used by multiple users with different access levels.

Enhanced Reporting: a more sophisticated and flexible version of MyST means you can build any report that you might need and gain far more detailed business intelligence.

Webservices: if you are using our ST2K API, you can move across to our Webservices on the new platform, which will allow you to directly send and receive payment requests without having to install and support a Java Client on your server.

Secure Trading also offer their own merchant accounts for UK and European businesses in partnership with VP Cart. Click here to bring your card processing costs down.

The new version of SecureTrading is only available in VPCart 8 and is not accessible by those running version 7 or earlier. If your store relies on the SecureTrading payment gateway, please upgrade to 8.0 no later than October 5th and ensure smooth payment processing; else, payments will not work.

If you’re already on VPCart version 8, please download the latest version of SecureTrading by visiting this page . select ‘All’ for Country and input ‘Secure Trading’ (no quotes) under Gateway Name.

For any support requests, please head on over to the Help Desk .



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