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Sage Pay TLS 1.2 Implementation Date Extend

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Just a quick post about the upcoming changes at Sage Pay.

Previously Sage Pay might have sent you information about the plan to implement TLS 1.2 on the following date:
April  5, 2018

And recently Sage Pay has sent another announcement that they have decided to extend their deadline to the end of April.

With this delay, it will provide you with additional time to update your VPCart Sage Pay gateway module to latest version compatible for TLS 1.2 (if you have not yet).

Our V8 Sage Pay payment gateway module is using HTTP Post method and will not be affected by this update.

Therefore, if you continue to get the notification e-mail from Sage Pay you can ignore it.

For older VPCart versions (v7, v650 etc..) that still use older version of Sage Pay gateway, we would suggest you to upgrade to our very latest VPCart version and then only use the Sage Pay Form gateway that you can download from :

For those who is seeking for a very stable and TLS 1.2 compatible web hosting, you may want to review our hosting package at :

If you have any questions regarding this, please submit a helpdesk ticket to us at https://helpdesk.vpcart.com.


Wilson K.
VPCart Customer Care



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