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Reach out to your customers using Campaign Monitor and VPASP

Reach out to your customers using Campaign Monitor and VPASP
Monday, August 8, 2011
Hi everyone,

We have now released our much awaited integration to Campaign Monitor!

Who are Campaign Monitor you ask? Put simply, and this is only my opinion mind you, they are one of the best newsletter marketing generation systems out there.

Over the years we have worked with a large number of newsletter marketing systems and what CM offer in price and features make it tough to beat.

 We have as a result of being so happy with them ourselves integrated them in to VPASP so now when a customer signs up for your mail list either through the front of site or through the check out process they will automatically be added to the subscriber list within Campaign Monitor so you no longer have to worry about manually migrating your contacts across between systems.

It is all now automatically done for you! How cool. :)

Campaign Monitor offers everything a designer needs to run successful email marketing campaigns for themselves and their clients. You can even rebrand the interface, create sub-accounts for your clients and let them send their own campaigns.

You can download the module from our Download Center.

I hope this new mod helps you all as much as it will help us.

Happy selling!

Cam Flanigan


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