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PayPal Enforces Upgrades on Security Protocols

Friday, September 7, 2018

PayPal announced that PCI (Payment Cards Industry Security Standards Council) issued a new wave of security upgrade requirementswhich it hopes to ensure compliance with before the second half of this year. As a means to completely crackdown on hackers and snoopers always prying on users' personal data, PayPal recently enforced upgrades on its security guidelines (which primarily rely on SSL and TSL protocols).

For more information on the importance PCI compliance read here.

So what is this new upgrade about?

Simply, PayPal requires all access protocols and security algorithms of web servers that are still based on the SSL {secure sockets layer} and TLS {Transport Layer Security} to be upgraded to the most recent TLS encryption (TLS 1.2).

HELP! I don't have SSL. How do I know I am TLS compliant?

With this upgrade any site that attempts to process PayPal payments without a valid SSL certificate TLS 1.2 will be declined.

Also, merchants must ensure their SSL issuer using a modern SHA-256 signing algorithm, as old algorithm SSL like the G2 will be detected by Paypal as not an up to date and the user will keep getting the TLS 1.2 warning/ and call to upgrade email.

If your site already has an SSL certificate but you are not sure if TLS 1.2 is supported, PayPal provides a mean for merchants and indeed users to check the security status of servers using their Test Platform.

The testing environment will present a 'PayPal_Connection_OK' message if you've completed the server update correctly.

PayPal advice that these information are of a highly technical nature and should be reviewed by one of the following:
• Your web hosting company
• Your e-commerce software provider
• Your in-house web programmer/system administrator

What can I do?

With the new wave of security upgrades across platform, it will be the best time to get the COMODO SSL Certificate, one of the lowest cost providers of all leading Certificate Authorities, integrated with the SHA-256 signing alogrithm, plus host of other advancedfeatures to provide you that absolute cover.

For more support, you can contact us or reachthe helpdesk and we will be in touch.



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