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We’ve got some great news for you; our new One-Page Checkout module is now available. After numerous requests from customers for this feature, we have created a module which reduces the amount of steps in the checkout process from five to just one. 

You can view a test store with One Page Checkout enabled here - http://onepage.cartmonkey.com/

Why use a One Page Checkout?
Industry research has found that on average, over 65% of all shoppers abandon their shopping cart before they complete the checkout process. When shoppers do this, we call it "shopping cart abandonment”.

There are several reasons an online customer may decide to abandon their purchase but the two main ones are;

  • Being forced to register an account before purchasing
  • Having too many steps in the checkout process
The One Page Checkout module removes both of these factors, your customers can choose to use the ‘guest checkout’ facility then enter all of the necessary checkout information (including, coupon codes etc) on a single page. This enhances user-friendliness and streamlines your customers’ experience of shopping on your site.

How do I get One Page Checkout?
The One Page Checkout module is available as a free inclusion with our Premium Business Ready Plan or as a purchasable download for open source users.

One Page Checkout will also be available as an add-on for VP-ASP version 8.0.

Happy Selling!




Fantastic (Wednesday, May 30, 2012 00:00)
Just what we''ve been waiting for.

Kira - UK
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