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New FedEx Real Time Module now available

New FedEx Real Time Module now available
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hi everyone,

At the end of May this year, FedEx will be turning off their old API to make way for a new and improved system. They have listened to the complaints about inaccurate shipping estimations and created a system which more accurately calculates shipping costs. The new system will decrease the likelihood of any nasty surprises such the actual shipping cost being up to DOUBLE what FedEx estimated at the checkout stage (leaving you to cover the shortfall).

If you currently use the FedEx Realtime Module in your online store you will need to upgrade to the new module or your shipping system will not work correctly.

To upgrade, go to the Upgrade Page and input your Order ID (from when you purchased the original FedEx module) and your email into the order form, If you purchased your license within the last 12 months, the upgrade is free, otherwise there will be a charge of $20.

Read more about FedEx Real Time.

If you need any assistance with this just shoot us a note through the Helpdesk and we'll get someone on it for you.

Happy Selling!

Cam Flanigan


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