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Mobile Commerce and VPASP

Mobile Commerce and VPASP
Monday, January 30, 2012
Hi everyone,

The good news is we finally have a new mobile storefront available called, creatively, VPASP Mobile. You can now have your VPASP store display correctly no matter what device your customers are using to access your site.

The bad news, well, not strictly speaking bad, is that the first cut is only available to VPASP hosting customers on our new Cloud servers.

You can see this working on our online demo. Just navigate to the demo site using your iPhone or Android phone and you will be automatically redirected to the mobile version.


Once we get the feature set finalised based on the feedback from our hosting customers we will be releasing the next version so everyone can take advantage of the new module.

The mobile store has many of the core features available in the main packages so your customers will be able to have an almost seamless shopping experience.

VPASP Mobile is available for free for our Cloud hosting customers as an add-on to their existing accounts. If you would like to have this enabled for your store just let us know through our helpdesk and our hosting team will activate this for you.

If you host with us and want to switch over to the VPASP Cloud shoot us a note in the helpdesk and we will jump onto that for you.

VPASP Helpdesk

Cam Flanigan


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