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Migrating Your VPCart Site from HostGator to VPcart Hosting

Migrating Your VPCart Site from HostGator to VPcart Hosting
Monday, January 23, 2017

Recently we've got many queries coming from our customers that use Hostgator as their web hosting and most are them complained about their site issues such as slow and others and also getting problem to contact their live chat support.

Some already moved with our hosting, and for those that are interested in our VPCart Hosting, below are the process of migrating your VPCart site from HostGator to our VPCart hosting :
1. Sign up first with our hosting plan at :

We have Silver, Gold and Platinum plan.
Most favorite is the Gold plan.

Or if you are interested with our Business Ready plan, you can sign up at :

2. Go to our vpcart.com site and click the live chat button.
You will need to provide us the following login details to our support team :
a. Hostgator Plesk panel URL, username and password.
This is so we can create FTP account to download site files to our server.

b. Hostgator Billing system https://portal.hostgator.com/login
We need to login to your billing if need to contact their support for something else (just in case).

c. Your domain registrar login details
This is so we can help you switch the name servers for your live domain once migration is done.

d. If you are using SSL for your domain, please check if that is a free Hostgator SSL or if you purchase yourself with external SSL provider.
d1. If you use a free Hostgator SSL, then you will need to purchase your own SSL before terminating contract with Hostgator.
We sell SSL provided by Digicert. If you want a new SSL, you can sign up with our VPCart Digicert SSL at :

d2. If you use dedicated SSL by external provider (not a free Hostgator SSL), then please let our support team know so we can generate a CSR for you and you will need to send this CSR to your external SSL provider.

You can then end the live chat and our support team will work to start migrating your site.

3. Once we have all the information needed that provided by you in livechat, our support team will create a helpdesk account for you and send you the helpdesk login details. The helpdesk ticket will be used for sending you the status of the migration and you can use the helpdesk ticket to reply us about the migration status and issues.

4. It could be just a few hours and our team will complete the migration from your Hostgator hosting.

That is just the simple way for the migration, so please don't mind to contact us if you have any questions about this.


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