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Hi everyone, 

We recently reached out to a few of our resellers around the world to gain their views on VP-ASP Software and their relationship with us. 

Some of you may find the interviews interesting so I’ll be posting them here in the blog over the next few weeks. 

First up is Marco Piccirilli, a reseller of ours based in Italy who white-labels VP-ASP under his own company - www.tetrasoft.it

1. How did you first find VP-ASP?

Back in 2000 I was searching Google for an open source shopping cart and came across VP-ASP.

2. After having a play around with VP-ASP, what made you decide that this was the software you wanted to resell to your customers?

Because not only were the base packages amazing to start off with, it was really easy to customize to meet the requests of our clients. 

3. List the three things you like most about VP-ASP

  • It is open source and easy to customize
  • Affordable
  • It is written in a well known developing language (ASP)
4. List three things you wish could be improved with VP-ASP

  • More flexibility to customize the product pages on admin console (most merchants only need to edit a few parameters for each product)
  • More flexibility with graphic settings when customizing a new template
  • More accuracy for the translation feature: there are some "points" in the website that are not well translated
VP-ASP’s comments – With Version 8 we are focusing on providing an improved design / layout editor which will make it much easier to customize our templates. 

With the language packs, you can easily edit the translations yourself if you find errors.

5. Please show us a few websites you have created using VP-ASP

The last website we created with VP-ASP is - www.stockelettrico.it

Thanks for your time Marco! We look forward to working with you in the future. 

Interested in becoming a VP-ASP Reseller? Everything you need to know is on the VP-ASP Reseller Program.



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