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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day eCommerce Tips

Monday, February 9, 2015

The clock is ticking -- Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. If you haven’t done any preparations for the Day of Hearts yet, then you’ll love the fact that we’ve prepared some practical easy-to-do last-minute Valentine’s Day eCommerce Tips just for you. There’s only a small window of opportunity to pull this off, so go ahead and read on to find out more:

Set a Subtle Romantic Mood
There might not be enough time to create a romantic mood for your entire online store, so just try to insert a few Valentine’s Day symbols and/or images in your eCommerce site wherever appropriate. Sometimes there really is beauty in simplicity.

Recommend Gifts
Make it easier for your customers to choose gifts for their significant others by creating a list of recommended gifts. You can even categorize gift products according to gender, like offering the best Valentine’s Day gift for men or women.

Offer a Sweet Deal
Everybody loves a discount. So show some love to your customers by offering special discounted rates for gifts they want to purchase for their loved ones. Add a special touch by offering a Valentine’s Day gift wrap for free!

Guarantee Delivery
Last-minute shoppers may be hesitant to purchase gifts online because they might think that their loved ones won’t be able to receive their gifts in time for Valentine’s. You can try to charm and entice these shoppers by guaranteeing that their gifts will be delivered promptly. 

This may be a little tricky to pull off, though, given the tight schedule. So before offering guaranteed delivery, assess your manpower and resources if it is indeed feasible. The least you could do is advise customers that they have to make a purchase on or before a set deadline -- ideally at least 2 days before the 14th of February.

Seal it with a Tweet, Like or Share!
There’s no better and faster way to announce your last-minute Valentine’s Day promotion or offering than through social media. So put your creative cap on and think romantic thoughts. Come up with Valentine’s Day-themed content that will prompt customers to like, tweet or share your posts, and eventually make a purchase through your online store. 

Got other last-minute Valentine’s Day marketing tips to share? By all means, spread the love and share them on the comments below.

Happy selling and Happy Valentine’s!




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