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InternetSecure has been decommissioned since August 2016

InternetSecure has been decommissioned since August 2016
Thursday, October 6, 2016
Internet Secure - Converge

If you are one of InternetSecure customers, you might have heard about the retirement of InternetSecure on last August 2016.

On their website at http://www.internetsecure.com/, they have encouraged existing customers to migrate to Converge, the next generation of omni-commerce payment processing.

If you are using VPCart (v8), you should not worry about the InternetSecure retirement as we already have the new Converge gateway available at our v8 gateway download page :

However, if you are using v7 and below versions of VPASP Cart, below could be the alternatives :

Option 1 :
Upgrade your older version to our latest VPCart (V8).
To upgrade, simply go to :

And then install the upgrade into your older version site.
Once your site is v8, you can download the v8 Converge gateway as mentioned above.

Option 2 :
If you do not wish to upgrade to latest version for certain reasons, we can quote for you to downgrade our v8 Converge gateway to be compatible with your v7 or lower version.
If you are interested for a quote, simply submit a helpdesk ticket to us at :

Thank you.


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