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Important Announcement Authorize.Net Change Notification

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Authorize.Net Network Change Notification


Authorize.Net will be making changes to the internet connection that serves their data centers, they will be moving away from Akamai SureRoute as a content delivery network (CDN) for their services.

This will have them moving our API endpoints currently on Akamai to the internet connection directly through a Public Commercial Network (PCN) matching their non-Akamai API endpoints. Portals like (Merchant Interface, Virtual Point of Sale, Partner Interface) currently on Akamai, will be moved to another CDN, Cloudflare.


Why is Authorize.Net moving away from Akamai SureRoute?

Authorize.Net will be changing from Akamai SureRoute as the content delivery network CDN for their portals to Cloudflare. There will be no noticeable change or actions needed for continuing to access Authorize.Net portals (Merchant Interface, Partner Interface).


What is Cloudflare and how will Authorize.Net be utilizing it?

Cloudflare is a third-party cloud network service or content delivery network (CDN) that routes and delivers Internet traffic. They provide a distributed network of servers and can be used to improve traffic routing and around any internet or traffic issues.


Why is Authorize.Net making this change?

Their PCN (Public Commercial Network {Internet}) has had significant upgrades in bandwidth, resiliency, and coverage over the past two years

Their PCN has also been augmented with Private Peering.  Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google GCP are all connected through private peering.


How does this affect You as a VPCART Customer

If you are already using Accept Js and Accept Hosted then no action needed, as your sites will not be affected.

For more information visit Authorize-Net-Network-Change-FAQ?


Still have questions?
You can post a helpdesk ticket to us and we will answer you.

Thank you.


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