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Illegal use of our brand / organization name

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Recently there are various of illegal scams in activity where the VPCART / Rocksalt International name and the name of our CEO (Cam Flanigan) are being abused.

Our VPCart logo, as well Rocksalt International organization name, and our CEO name (Cam Flanigan) have been used in different fraudulent scam emails.

On Jan 15th, 2020, we have been notified that contract emails are being sent which implies to attach an electronic signature of our CEO to discuss a new transaction. We want to emphasize that the email messages were not sent on behalf of VPCart. Therefore, we suggest you delete those messages.

This kind of fraudulent emails with the use of our name typically seeks to identify a victim by suggesting that an inheritance or a job can be obtained by paying an upfront fee.

Phishing or fraudulent emails may contain links to fake websites and may request you to share personal or financial information by using a variety of techniques.

These scams aim to get your money and your personal data to use in other illegal activities. They may not always request money or personal details on initial contact, but will often do so after you respond.

If you receive a suspicious email, please check the domain name carefully.

Please note that VPCart / Rocksalt International has no involvement in these or any other scams. Our name is being used in an unauthorized and illegal way. Please be aware that a phishing email may contain a fraudulent phone number or other contact details for VPCart / Rocksalt International.

Please also note that we do not use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo addresses. Only [name]@vpcart.com email accounts are officially used to communicate with our clients.

We strongly recommend you delete the scam emails and do not reply to scam letters. If you are uncertain whether a communication is genuine please email us at [email protected].


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