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How to write good copy for your site

How to write good copy for your site
Monday, January 17, 2011
Hi all,

I received an interesting email about copy writing for web sites and I thought I would share some of the information and links in it as it is as vital for us, VPASP as it is you, the shopping cart store owners, to have good copy on our sites to keep our sites alive, vital and interesting.

As we are all store web sites we are actively trying to capture the visitors attention and turn therm into customers.

I am as guilty as the next person in not being as careful about the copy I sometimes write or allow to be posted live by a member of our team here.

<SMACK> to Cam!!! - (Not sure if there is an HTML version of a smack so this will have to do until I find one.)

Something I think happens a lot is we get sucked into the whole SEO marketing mindset where our web site copy is targeted beautifully to search engine spiders but not so perfectly to the end user who actually comes to your site as a result.

We need to focus on writing great copy as well as great SEO copy just to make our lives that little bit harder.

Has anyone been guilty of writing something along the lines of:

"My widgets are the best widgets for widget using customers because the widgets from us are the best widgets!"

Great for selling widgets perhaps but mind-blowingly painful for someone coming to your site.

If you get time have a look through some of these links. I hope you find them interesting!

Lousy Writer
This site has information on how to write more interesting blogs. How to write a better blog.

This site is regularly updated with a variety of information but the Copywriting 101 section has some great tips.

SEO 101
This article is about writing good copy AND good SEO copy.

Hope you get as much out of these as I did.

Happy days!

Cam Flanigan


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