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Have you ever purchased a product and been really excited to tell everyone about it? Perhaps you've purchased a product which people have questioned / criticized at first but then managed to convert them into wanting to buy the product themselves?

If so, you have marketed a company’s product for them free of charge, wouldn't it be great if you could get YOUR customers to market your products for you? Here’s how:

The reason you had so much to say about the product you told everyone about is most likely because the company that sold it to you provided you with a mass of information about the product and in doing so, enlisted you as a free product spokesman.

This is exactly what you need to do, turn your customers into ambassadors for your products. Follow the five tips below to make that happen:

1. Continue to Sell Beyond the Sale – After a customer has purchased from your store send them a follow up email to thank them / congratulate them for buying from you. Don’t just say thank you though, tell them why the product they bought was such a great choice. Your aim here is to remove any chance of buyer’s remorse and make them feel good / excited about their purchase so they tell their friends & family about their purchase.

2. Make Social Media Shares Easy – Have Tweet and Like buttons on your site and in your emails to make it as simple as possible for others to spread the word for you, encourage them to share by entering them into a competition.

3. Competitions - set up competitions for customers who share your website on their social media accounts. Make sure the prize is worth the effort (e.g a $200 voucher to spend in your store rather than a 10% off discount coupon). Ensure you track the success of these competitors so you can see whether they are worth your time and the cost of the prize.

4. Ask for Reviews – You’ll be surprised how many of your customers are willing to write a product review on your website if you simply ask them. Product reviews are not only great for encouraging other customers to buy (provided they are positive!) but they also work wonders for the SEO of your website.

5. Reward Your Customers – When your customers do refer your business, show your appreciation by giving them money off coupons to spend in your store. Although sometime the best gift you can give is a sincere ‘thank you’.

People who love your products will want to tell everyone, you just need to ensure you make it easy for them to tell people and reward them for doing so.

Happy Selling!

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