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How to Provide Superior Customer Support During This Holiday Season.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

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The time of Christmas or the Holiday Season is significant for every retailer on earth, as the period sees significant growth in sales for all markets and sectors. This spur in the purchase rate occurs because most people buy supplies, gifts, merchandise, and presents for themselves and their loved ones. Because of this surge, store owners are always on their heels to deliver the best experience to all their customers and clients despite the huge rush. Although even the customers realize that the holiday season is one of the most pivotal periods for all online retailers. Still, not a single soul would willingly like to compromise on customer support and service.
So to keep the holiday spirits up, here is a small guide on how to properly handle your client support structure during the holiday period in a very efficient and effective way.

1. Set customer expectations
Let customers know about any changes in schedule or availability as soon as possible. If you’re offering an extended return period or a return blackout period, post it on your Customer Service homepage. If customers know that your responses may come a little later (or that your office closes for statutory holidays), they can plan on your hours or contact you earlier.

2. Use tools to make the process a breeze for everyone
47% of shoppers want a fast reply to all questions, problems, feedback, or complaint. During the holiday season, it will be vital that your team provides correct help and aid, promptly, to resolve issues. Selecting the right tool can go a long way in making the difference. Live Chat options (Like FreshDesk, Olark) allows you to do real-time messaging, video chatting, audio chatting, co-browsing, screen sharing, file sharing, and call recording with your customers.

3. Provide training and empower your team
Time is of the essence during the holidays, and most Customers are stressed out over holidays. It’s super-important that everyone working in customer service knows how to use positive language to position alternatives and deescalate any situation. So be confident that your customer support team handles and solves cases quickly. Empowering your team is one of the best ways to lower turnaround timings.
Just make sure your team has the knowledge to handle most cases, and they have the right information and data to solve the issue and answer the question. Once they have the authority to make calls, you will find faster success rates.
Also, train your people about your product and service thoroughly. If they do not know about the core of what you do, then they will falter at even the simplest of questions.

4. Keep your team motivated
78% of shoppers believe a happy service can only be possible with good agents and representatives. Source: The Cost of Poor Customer Service.
If you keep your team motivated and happy, then you will, in turn, make sure that they keep your shoppers happy. At the end of the day, your shoppers have to line up in front of your support team to portray their feelings. So, it is vital and essential that you must keep your agents and executives happy first, as the whole show will depend on them and their performance.

5. Be humanistic in your approach as it’s the holiday season
35% of people have lost their temper whilst interacting with service: American Express. If you put your focus towards the customer— and upon the problem, they are facing— then you are emphasizing a very humanistic approach to solving issues. Remember, emotions will run high during the holiday season as people would like to get/resolve things in a very short period. Hence, a little empathy and some sympathy here and there will not hurt.

All you need to do is provide your customers with some support that they dearly need during the time of crisis, hear your clients out wholeheartedly, say sorry for the convenience caused, resolve the problem quickly without any hassle, and say thank you for choosing your firm.

“Customers do not expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong”

Donald Porter






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