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It’s a commonly reported fact in the ecommerce industry that attracting new customers costs up to 10 times more than keeping existing customers, yet many ecommerce store owners continue to ignore this fact and take their existing customers for granted.

If you don’t give your customers a good reason to shop with you again after their initial purchase there is a good chance they will forget about your store and make their next purchase elsewhere.

Below are a few tips you can use to make your customers’ shopping experience with you a memorable one:

Offer Personalized Deals

You can use VPASP’s powerful customer segmentation tools to find out which customers are your most loyal, or customers that used to shop with you regularly but have suddenly stopped, and reward them with a personalized deal or offer.

A great deal to offer is free shipping, online buyers love shipping and most will buy something even they hadn't planned to just to take advantage of the offer.

Alternatively, if free shipping is not an option (perhaps you sell large / heavy items), try offering them 20% off their next order. Anything that makes the customer feel special is bound to keep them coming back for more and people love to tell others when they’ve got a bargain, so hopefully they’ll tell their friends about your store!

Customize your packaging

Have you ever received an item from an ecommerce store which arrived in a plain brown box with a plain invoice, or no invoice at all? I have, and my impression of that company (I can’t remember what they were called of course) went down a great deal.

If you package and ship your own goods, go the extra mile by investing in some customized packaging and packing slips, it’s a great way to stand out and can make a strong impression on your customers.

You could also experiment with sending hand written notes to your most loyal customers, something along the lines of "I just wanted to thank you personally for your repeat custom, it means a lot to us” and throw in a 10% off coupon for their next order to make them feel really special.

Send Follow Up Emails

Around a week or so after a customer receives their order, send a follow up email thanking them for their custom and ask them if everything is ok with their product. They may not be happy with a certain feature or perhaps the colour wasn’t the same as it looked on the website however they may have just chosen to accept the fault rather than go through the bother of contacting you. If this is the case it is unlikely they would order from you again or recommend your store to their friends. By sending a follow up email you are inviting customers to provide feedback and if there is anything wrong you can work to rectify it, leaving the customer with a positive impression of your store opposed to a negative one.


Offering personalized packaging can be expensive and time consuming, so start off by giving it to just a small percentage of your customers to see if it has any effect in their future purchasing behavior, you will need to monitor these customers closely, not just their buying activity but on social media also to see if your personalized packaging has had an effect.

Happy Selling!

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