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How to Effectively Use Social Media for Your Ecommerce Business

Thursday, January 7, 2016

As social media continues to play a vital role in the lives of all types of people, it goes without saying that your ecommerce business should leverage it in order to succeed in this competitive online world.

How to Effectively Use Social Media for Your Ecommerce Business

Here are a few tips on how to utilize social media to your business advantage:

Choose wisely.

One of the chief purposes of using social media for your business is to provide you with an avenue in which you can communicate with your customers directly. If you are in the process of choosing what social media platforms to utilize for your ecommerce business, start by thinking how you want to communicate with your customers, as well as where they are online, i.e. what social media platforms they are using. The key is to know who your target market is, and choose social media platforms that are most relevant to them.

Different platforms have different capabilities, and while some choose to go for a wide-spectrum approach, most ecommerce businesses have limited time to invest in social media. Remember that it's better to manage a select few and do so well, instead of making profiles on all social media platforms you could think of and not being able to maintain them.

Be accommodating.

Social media is for socializing, and nobody wants to socialize with a brand that is unaccommodating and cold. Develop a voice that is friendly and warm, and always aim to be honest and straight to the point. Many businesses are starting to use social media as a tool to provide customer support, since most customers turn to social media when looking for immediate answers. So chances are, they will also use social media to complain. Treating your social media account as customer support means that you should extend the same level of patience and assistance you would give, say, to customers who call your hotline.


If you are a big believer in online marketing (and you should be), you know that social media is simply one aspect of your entire marketing plan. With this, you must know how to integrate social media with other tools in order to achieve the best outcomes possible. Create content for your blog or website with your social media platforms' best interests at heart, and vice versa. This will allow maximum exposure, and a consistent voice throughout your entire online presence.

Create quality content.

The whole point of social media marketing is to expose your brand to the millions of people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other relevant platforms you could think of. However, it is not easy to achieve this, and you cannot do it alone. You will need the help of the people who share content across platforms—that is, the people who can make your content (and eventually your brand) go viral . To catch the attention of these people, you need to start giving them great content—content that is useful, relevant, and interesting—because great content always finds a way to get itself out there.





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