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How to add Facebook Like app into your VPASP site

How to add Facebook Like app into your VPASP site
Wednesday, October 13, 2010
I stumbled across a new VP-ASP Cart site this week that had a great new feature added.

It was the FaceBook like module and as I had not seen this in a VPASP site before I decided to look a  little deeper.

The site was http://www.metalscooters.com.au/

Viewing the source I saw the FaceBook section was included using an iframe into the FreeText container in the Layout Manager.

Wow! It was that easy.

As a test I copied the iframe code and pasted it into a demo store I had running locally and voila! The FaceBook app was now nicely displayed on my site as well.

I then went to the FaceBook page and did a test sign up:


Changed the width of the iframe and clicked Get Code.

I copied the code in the top box and then went back to the VP-ASP Cart's admin console and into the Layout Manager.

In the left column, can be right or center though if you like, I added a new FreeText Container.

In the text box I pasted the FaceBook code and Saved my changes.

I now had my very own FaceBook like box on my site!

Hope this is useful to everyone.

Thanks and happy seling.

Cam Flanigan


Nice! (Wednesday, October 13, 2010 21:52)
Hey Cam,Nice write up and thanks for featuring the www.metalscooters.com.au website we developed.As you wrote, adding the facebook fan box into the site is pretty straight forward thanks to the facebook developers api.Hope your write up helps others!Cheers.Michael DunkleyCreative Chaoshttp://www.creativechaos.com.au

Michael - Australia
Thank you Mike! (Thursday, October 14, 2010 02:11)
Hi Mike,Hats off to you for discovering this little tidbit and implementing. Folks, Mike is the developer for www.metalscooters.com.au so if you need any nice sites doing, he is your man!ThanksCam Flanigan

Cam - VIC
Not just Facebook (Wednesday, December 29, 2010 14:31)
I use aWeber for my email list management. The same trick listed for FaceBook also works to copy and paste the signup form from aWeber. (Now if I can just figure out how to center it in the box....)

Lori - Maryland, USA
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