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How Google Plus Can Help Your ECommerce Website

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Many would agree that Google's social network came relatively late to the arena when some online marketers and customers were already overwhelmed with the amount of content coming their way via other social networks.
But still, the fact that businesses crave visibility and ultimately a high ranking on SERP and Google accounts for 86% of all search on internet will have content marketing manager employing every strategy to please the most dominant search engine. Socials are good backlinks and the question has always been: Which company will get a higher ranking on Google's search engine, the one using Google+ or the one just using Facebook?

Everything you post on your Google Plus for Business page is immediately indexed by Google. Which means, the content you post to your page can rank in search results even if your website doesn't.

Google is now undergoing a major change in their search engine as they implement 'Search Plus your World' – simply integrating Google+ into their search engine algorithm in order to serve it in their SERP. Basically, Search Plus your World helps you dig into Google+ data, pulls this data out together with the usual search engine results, and present to users.

Google+ combines a great deal of resources in one single place: Hangouts, Communities, YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps and many others. Each created to benefit and optimise content marketing strategy.
Now let's take a look on how some of these can help your online business.

Communities: reach the right audience with just a click
Flying blind can be dangerous for online marketing. Fact is, customers are in stages and does move on to yet another. Sending same promotional to all customer can be a bad idea. When customers are hit with several irrelevant messages, doesn't take long before they unfollow or unsubscribe. The most exciting feature about Google+ is the G+ Communities which makes it easy to share information and content with a targeted group of users with specific interests which are relevant to your business niche. Simply put your customers into different groups or 'circles' (by geography, by age, by interest) and make it easy to communicate with each circle separately, or with multiple circles at the same time.

Use the Hangouts
The smartest use of Google Hangouts are happening with brands that give video a prominent role in their marketing strategy. Hangouts allows businesses to provide personalized face-to-face customer service. You can respond to client concerns over product, thank customers personally for great reviews or referral, update clients on progress and even offer guide on how to use a product which can be posted easily on YouTube. It's a great way to expand upon your marketing, as well as add videos to your company blog or website

Take the photos
Google+ is fast becoming a popular medium for images. Thanks to their well designed apps for iOS and Android and great features like instant upload and auto-awesome. These features are making it ultra-easy to share photos, especially for businesses that require lots of photos like eCommerce. Having quality images from different angles that gives followers that in store experience of having a product in hand can earn you Google's +1, an important vote that can help your SEO eventually.

How To Get The Best of G+

  • Post engaging, inspiring and relevant content regularly.
  • Like other socials, use the #ashtag, especially in the early stages of Google+ networking. It makes it easy for interested users to find your content/post.
  • Unlike most social, Google+ status stands a chance of appearing on search results. So, best consider keywords that are relevant to your content & business when you post and don't forget to tag. Tagging relevant post can mean engagement which is good for business.
  • Embed +1 sharing widgets and Google Plus links on your website – give people interested in your business a way to engage with your profile without even leaving your website.
  • Join communities for more exposure.
  • Lastly, post content strategically for best results. When you create content, always think of communities/circles that will respond best to your campaigns.


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