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Helpful Tips On How To Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Monday, August 26, 2019


Social media engagement is an essential ingredient for any business looking at achieving a successful marketing approach. To win over the attention of audiences in a world increasingly dominated by instant social media and 24-hour news cycle, business owners must harness the power of connecting with people.

Dealing with real-life situations demands knowledge of habits that can be studied and learned over time. Whether engaging with people for the first time, negotiating details of a potential sale, or following up on a potential speaking engagement, you are likely to be initiating and closing deals strictly through social media.

In this blog post, we will walk you through possible tactics and techniques you can adapt to become an effective communicator on social media.

Share Pertinent Information with Others: The Information Economy is a reality, and knowing what to share with others is a key part of establishing your brand’s credibility. While nobody should expect you to divulge business-critical secrets, you can still stand above the crowd by sharing helpful information that can rise others financially, emotionally and spiritually.
Information is power but guards against the impulse to hoard what will be of value to your audience. It will arouse suspicion in your network and make it less likely that others will share information with you.

Make Sincere offers to assist Others: Whether at your business hub or an informal gathering with clients, it (literally) pays to tell people that you are available to help out at any time. Among the small gestures you can make include: offer updated contact information (e-mail, text, business address, etc.) Promote your home page URL; give access to previous works like speeches, articles, other publications. Give references to industry leaders, people in your current network.

Acknowledge People on Social Media: Sometimes, people dismiss their acts of kindness towards others; (“little things”) without appreciating their worth. So much, so that when a colleague or business partner says “Thank You," the immediate reaction is to recoil as if you did not deserve the accolade.

A much better option is to acknowledge the other person with a simple “You're Welcome” and a smile. Not only are you making people feel appreciated again, but you are likely to benefit from a favorable act sometime.

Recognizing people publicly on social media can go a long way towards building a relationship and getting them to know, like, and trust you.

Create an Air of Confidence: one of the most difficult things to do in face-to-face conversation is to appear confident without arrogance or aloofness. This event is where you're speaking tone and style comes into play.
As a problem solver, you can empathize with your audience's plight and offer practical solutions that reveal your curiosity. This coupled with a calm, sincere and stepwise approach to problem-solving will make you the toast of the crowd.
When communicating on social media, you don't have the luxury of voice tone and body language to make that human connection, so be sure to use words or emoticons to get the feeling you are trying to convey across.


The Art of Politeness: you'd be amazed how far a little politeness goes in communication. The words “Please” and “Thank you” may seem plain and mundane.
However, when used appropriately, they can help you exude both humility and charisma.

Express Belief in Your Audience's Goals: Never underestimate the power of outside validation. People who come to you for advice often lack self-confidence, so offering even a few words of encouragement can inspire them to greater success. In return, you get the satisfaction of making a difference in someone's life.
That's the reason inspirational and motivational quotes and images do well on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Refer to People by Names When interacting on Social Media: Regardless of how well you know someone, it's never a bad idea to say their name when engaging them in a conversation. Hearing their name makes listeners feel more at ease, adds to their sense of connectedness and makes them more likely to engage with you beyond the first contact.

Build Business Networks One Person at a Time: Just as entrepreneurs should not hoard information, they shouldn't shield off their contacts from new people in their fields. Seize opportunities as they arise to connect business people from within your network who have yet to meet. Perhaps, something great comes out of it, perhaps not. Networking thus positions you as a facilitator and go-to resource, all the while expanding your reach in your areas of expertise.

Be a Listener: there is no doubt that you are brimming with ideas and are a go-getter. However, it is just as important to be attentive to what others are offering. Therefore, allow others to express their business ideas and concerns. This can take the form of one-on-one coaching sessions, team-oriented brainstorming sessions, or Question and Answer sessions after a presentation.

Speak about the Power of Personal Responsibility: Whether working with a team or all by yourself, always try to take responsibility for your actions, both successes, and failures. Convey these honest, real-life experiences to your audiences and how they helped guide your behavior when facing other challenges.
Use your communication skills to highlight what it takes to come up with a business plan, set up a team of experts to kickstart your activity, and summon the discipline to persevere through the toughest times.


Final Thoughts
Modern entrepreneurship demands that people use every tool at their disposal. Yet, today's smartphone technology and social media platforms offer oceans of information ripe for the taking.
Social media marketing and engagement will remain a vital component for business branding, establishing individual credibility, and growing expert status. There are some simple techniques you can use to enhance your business profile, and thus make your activities appear more real to potential customers and subscribers.



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