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Hack attacks on big corporates include UPS

Hack attacks on big corporates include UPS
Monday, September 5, 2011
Wow! I imagine a lot of you have heard about the hack attacks carried out on some of the big web sites recently.

The one that has really affected VPASP customers and shopping cart merchants from across the board is the hit on UPS.

Basically hackers redirected the DNS for certain web sites and this has broken a number of services that stores use such as UPS real-time shipping rates.

Just goes to show I guess that it does not matter how big you are you can still be hit by the bad guys.

If you have an issue with UPS just use the following link and if it is giving an error then UPS have not fixed their rates system.


Once this page stops giving an error you can switch UPS back on.

For the time being unfortunately you will have to take a hit on shipping until they resolve the problem or possibly use USPS or FedEx.

If you need help you can post in our helpdesk at:


You can read more on this at:


Good luck and hopefully UPS can get their systems sorted ASAP!

Cam Flanigan

(8th Sept 2011 - Edited by Cam)

We have released a patch file as a work around to help everyone get up and running again. 

Hope this helps!


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