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There is a lot of buzz at the moment about the impending launch of Google Glass, if you haven’t heard about Google glass then watch the video below for an insight into what’s on offer.

Exciting stuff right? Google Glass has the potential to change our lives, both for the better and worse, but right now I'm here to talk about how Google Glass might be used in ecommerce.

Google are not saying Glass will do anything that Smartphones can’t do right now, it just makes these things a lot more accessible and easier to carry out, hands free.

Imagine you walk into a retail store and see a jacket you really like, you try it on and it fits perfectly so you scan the barcode using Glass and Google presents you with a list of retailers (both high street and online who stock the same jacket). You then compare prices and if a nearby retailer has the same jacket cheaper you use Google maps to direct you there, alternatively if you don’t mind not having the jacket today you order it from an online retailer there and then safe in the knowledge that the jacket fits and looks great.

The above is just one example of how Glass can be used to aid shoppers, as mentioned previously all of this is possible now using your smartphone but Glass will make it that little bit faster and more convenient.

For owners of brick and mortar stores, Google Glass may be another nail in the coffin, but for online retailers it’s another chance to pull customers into your online store.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you think Google Glass can be used in ecommerce.

Happy Selling!

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