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I have tried a number of solutions for both organizing my life and business in the past decade or so and I will have to admit that I have tried almost everything that is available on the market from web-applications, mobile-applications, planners, reminders (yes, the one with a ringtone on your phone), to even the traditional "Post-It" note, but neither of these work for me unlike Google Calendar. Not only Google Calendar is cool and hip, it has also helped to save my time and I am well organized than ever before, besides being professionally organized.


I have list down some of the reasons on why I have chose to use Google Calendar and incorporate it on VPCart:

a) All The Calendars In One Place

Google Calendar is basically a one-stop-solution whereby, I can aggregate all the individual calendars in one single place (my Google account). Take note that you can have a separate calendar for your personal life (birthdays, anniversaries, kid's projects, holidays, et cetera) and business.

As a matter of fact, you can also customize the colors of each individual calendar so that, you can easily locate them from your main calendar. For an example, I have a green calendar for everything VPCart, red calendar for my kid's projects and soccer practices, blue for birthdays, pink for anniversaries, et cetera. All of these mini calendars show up in a single piece of calendar and I can easily see what is going on. It also looks hip on my smartphone.

b) Ability To Share Calendars With Others

With Google Calendar, I can even invite my family, friends, and colleagues and share the calendars with them. In terms of work, all members of my team knows when each member is busy and I can also input the location of a meeting so that everyone knows where to meet-up.

c) International Calendars

Google Calendar also has a wide range of available calendars that one can subscribe too. For an example, I have all of the U.S Holidays automatically loaded on my calendar. Also, Google allows you to subscribe to pre-populated calendars for free like your favourite football team's game schedule.

d) GMail Integration

You can even create events on your calendar from your e-mail.

e) Accessibility - Anywhere and Anytime

Google Calendar runs entirely in the cloud and this means I can access the calendar from any of my devices that has an Internet connection.

f) Sync With Smartphones

Google Calendar also allows me to sync my calendars with my phone. This has allowed me to easily schedule meetings and events from around the world (even, when I am not in front of my computer).

g) Reminders

When an event is schedules, you can also schedule reminders. There is also an option to customize how and when that particular reminder is delivered. A reminder can either be e-mailed to you or via a pop-up (if you have synced your Google Calendar with your smartphone, the reminder will pop-up on your smartphone too).

h) Easily Searchable

Just like Google being the "King Of Search", Google Calendar has a search feature whereby, you can easily search for an event, meeting, or even a holiday or a football match's schedule from a publicly shared calendar.

Since, Google Calendar is something that has made my life easier and well-organized, I am taking this opportunity to announce that you can also incorporate Google Calendar onto your VPCart. Also, did you know that having a calendar on your shopping cart is an important element in this day and age? Regardless of whether you want to let your customers know about an event that you are hosting, schedule a launch/promo event, casting call as a fashion model for your products, inform your shop managers/colleagues about a meeting, or to even send an invitation for your events and track their RSVPs by e-mail, you may use Google Calendar for these purposes.

You may find the steps at http://helpnotes.vpasp.com/kb/570-Design/1199-How-To-Insert-Google-Calendar/

Thank you.



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