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GoDaddy Announces End Support for Microsoft FrontPage & Access Databases

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Website owners, take heed! GoDaddy recently announced that their new servers will no longer support Microsoft FrontPage and Access Databases

As posted on the GoDaddy Support Page, they will be migrating customers who use IIS 6 to a new server that uses IIS 7. After the migration, your respective websites will remain live, but parts of your site that rely on databases might generate errors or extensions will stop working altogether.

2 Ways to Ensure Your Store Remains Live
In order to ensure that your store stays live and works without a hitch, you need to either:

1. Move to Another Database Platform 
We have a database migration tool available in our Download Center for Version 7 and 8 merchants to assist with the changeover.

2. Switch Web Hosts 
We can assist with migrating your site over to our hosting service. And to help minimize any possible disruption, we are offering FREE MIGRATION for all site owners looking to move to us for all hosting plans for the rest of June!

Find out more about our hosting plans by clicking the following link below:

Choose any option that works best for you so that your VPCart Store will not be affected. 

Happy selling!





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