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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Having a clear understanding of what the customer wants to buy, when they want to buy and how they want to buy can be a very herculean and expensive exercise. Except one is gifted with genuine telepathic abilities that can sift through the customer’s mind in their respective locations, picking up specific traits, needs and wants, then we can all agree that understanding the customer’s mind; though necessary is quite consuming.

Modern times have seen the customer visit the physical stores less, with the incredible amounts of information available to the customers like competitive prices, possible options and testimonials from other buyers. The customers can virtually shop for everything they need without living the comfort of their personal spaces. Now, this is of a slight disadvantage to the business/store owner. Shocked, let me explain. The physical meet with the customer gives the store owner the opportunity to do the following

  1. Create a good/Lasting impression
  2. Establish a friendly conversation
  3. Psycho-Analyze the customer and
  4. Influence the customer’s buying choice

But with all that gone, the business/store owner has to do all that is possible to attract and seduce the customer over with a platform that does the following:

A. Contextual and Programmatic Advertising: Unlike basic retargeting efforts, it is time to reach out to a larger market audience with programmatic advertising. Get on a platform that has a system of distributed servers (network) which deliver pages and other Web content to users, based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server. In simple terms, lure the right audience to the right Ad from your store at the right moment.

B. Marketing Automation: customize the store offerings for each customer by

  1. Sending out tailored emails to your customers.
  2. Display new products and promotions as per the visitors’ shopping history.
  3. Retarget customers for necessary product sales

C. Switch to a more secure platform: Search Engine Company has announced that for your websites to rank higher you need to use HTTPS, improve your website rankings if you are offering its users a more secure experience. Here are the top three benefits of switching to HTTPS:

  1. More referrer data to drive more traffic.
  2. Boost web ranking in the long run.
  3. Enhance online privacy and security.

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D. Enhance your CRM: Improve your customer relationship management with On-site chat, Emails, Order statuses, RMA, Customer groups, Loyalty programs, Referral programs and more. Always Remember, it depends on how you engage with your customers, how you resolve their concerns and how you lead them to the cart.

E. Personalize Customer Experience: collect relevant data on each person interacting with your business and deliver nothing but the best to each individual customer, using their Search Queries, Purchase History, Shopping Cart, Social Behavior, Geographic Location or Segments to personalize your website and deliver relevant products to your customers. It is about creating a very huge impression on your customer with features like shipping options, Currency Converter, quick view templates, creating an easy-to-navigate website for your customers.

The e-commerce world is changing and frankly, it would only get bigger and better in the coming years. Getting on board with new trends and technologies can help you achieve a lot more than you anticipate this year, Get on board with VPCART 9.0 now.


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