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Gateway Update: SagePay Enhancements Now Available

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hi everyone! 

Here's the latest update on one of our partner gateways -- the latest enhancements to Sage Pay are now ready for download!

VP-ASP/VPCart is fully integrated to the new version of Sage Pay, which uses protocol 3.00 with AES encryption. You may download the latest version by clicking the gateway download page. Once you access the web page, please follow these easy steps: 
1. Type "SagePay" in Search Gateway field.
2. Click "SagePay Form."
3. Enter the following details: Order Number & Email.
4. Then click "Get Gateway" button.

License Validity
In order to download the Sage Pay update, your open source license should still be valid. So please check the status of your license by going to: http://www.vpasp.com/sales/upgrade.asp. You may also upgrade your VP-ASP software or extend your license for another 12 months through that link as well. 

Advantages of License Extension
Now, if your 12-month license period has already expired, we highly recommend and encourage you to renew your license in order to avail of the following benefits:
- Get 50% off License Extension Price
- Receive latest version of VP-ASP Shopping Cart Software
- Get access to extensive range of add-ons
- Get FREE 50 support points 
- Download VPCart Version 8.00 (Beta) for FREE when it goes live
- Plus access to full version of VPCart Version 8.00 once released

Or better yet, consider upgrading to a Business-Ready Plan in order to...

Get FREE Lifetime Upgrades/Updates
Business-Ready Plan customers get FREE upgrades or updates for life, plus everything needed to set up and run a successful online store including: 
- The latest VP-ASP Shopping Cart Software
- Premium eCommerce Hosting
- A mobile-compatible version of your store
- Free 24-hour support (Monday to Friday) and emergency server down support during weekends
- Free designer store template
- Installation of any of our hundreds of supported Payment Gateways & Shipping Solutions

You will also be able to download the Beta and full version of VPCart Version 8.0 once they, respectively, get released soon.

But if you are already a Business-Ready subscriber, please go to Help Desk, simply tell us that you want to download the latest version of Sage Pay and we will gladly install it for FREE!

For any questions and concerns about the new Sage Pay version, license renewal or upgrading to a Business-Ready Plan, you may send an email to [email protected].

Happy selling! 



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