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It’s a well-known fact that retaining existing customers is much cheaper than gaining new ones. Despite this, many retailers focus their efforts on attracting new customers while paying little attention to current or past buyers. Below are four tips you can use to secure customer loyalty:

  • Reward your best customers – Give regular / big spending customer treats such as 10% off codes or free delivery every now and again, especially during gift giving periods such as Chritmas, Mother’s day etc. This will make them feel valued and secure their repeat custom.
  • Always be available to answer queries – Ensure you answer any questions your customers may have within 24 hours (the sooner the better!). Spend as much time as you can spare giving accurate and personalized replies.

  • Correct mistakes – If you have an unhappy customer because of something like delayed delivery or an incorrect product being sent, do as much as you can to correct the issue. Send them a personal email, even call them to apologise and offer 10% off or free delivery on their next order. This will also reduce the likelihood of them spreading negative views of your business.

  • Use Social Networks to create and maintain relationships – Having a presence on Facebook and Twitter is great for your business. You can offer ‘member exclusive’ discounts to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers and use the platforms to spread news about current promotions.
    Many businesses now also use Facebook and Twitter as a customer service tool, for example a customer may write a complaint on your Facebook page, if you answer this complaint and offer a satisfactory solution, other people will see that you care about your customers.

Start implementing these ideas today and see how effective they are in creating a loyal repeat customer base for your business. 

Happy Selling!



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