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Following the Trend: The Future of E-Commerce with Mobile Technology

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The world of eCommerce moves so fast we can almost confidently say the future is here. Innovative ideas are released daily by service providers to give that lasting consumer experience and buy customer loyalty. In all this mix, consumers most times get besieged with so many options that making a choice become more or less difficult, and sometimes impulsive. As consumers bask and try to grapple with a cutting-edge functionality in their hands today, there seems to be another by the corner with a better experience the next day. Online store jostle hard to rake in highest market share value, and notably, a few have succeeded exceptionally in this regard. Thankfully, there are better days ahead for everyone.

Global eCommerce sale is expected to reach approx. $5 trillion in 2021.

The question is: how much of this are you willing to get hold of?

Experts and analyst in the industry have identified major trends that will revolutionize eCommerce by 2019.

Here, we bring you, our users, the facts behind these trends, what we are doing and what you can do to get a sizable slice of what is to come.


With over 4 billion internet users as at 2017 and a whopping 52.2% of website traffic generated through mobile phones in this year, savvy merchants are making it imperative to adopt a mobile-first strategy. Statistics of buyer's behavior shows customers prefer shopping on mobile devices. This may not be unconnected from the fact that the percentage of people who own mobile devices far outweighs that of computers. This statistics also presents some features users will like to have or experience on the move to stay loyal to a merchant.

  • Improved Mobile UX: It is agreed that for the best user experience, information and function must be laid out in an intuitive and consistent fashion. A poorly designed and unattractive shopping site without a good blend of color scheme and typography will leave visitors unsure of the quality of products he will get Merchant must embrace developers with all these intact, plus a highly maintainable and responsive system. Merchants can also edge competition by integrating the right modules to give users the kind of functionality they need. This is why with VPCart 8 and VPCart 9, we have taken care to bring all the variants needed with free regular update and upgrades to customize that trendy store to meet customer expectation.
  • Speed: This happens to be a decider as to how much time a visitor will spend on your store and likely make purchase or bounce out in seconds. So how fast is fast enough? Study shows that 6 out of 10 people will leave a site if it fails to load in 5 An eCommerce site which is super-fast and responsive will have visitors viewing more items, adding to cart, making comparisons and eventually buying an item. Such customers are bound to remain loyal to such a store. Why some lagging may be due to visitors network, service providers can take steps to optimize websites to load quickly even on slow networks. To ensure our merchants do not suffer this, with VPCart 9, we will be taking our speed to a new level, loading pages in 3.5 seconds on any device. With about 1.6 billion mobile users shopping to a tune of $1.3 trillion this year, you need a provider who can help you keep up with that speed.
  • Improved Localization and Personalization of Landing Pages: Ever wondered how you visit your favorite eCommerce website, you see a collection of products, some of which you actually have taught about getting for yourself? Imagine how you'd feel if you logged onto an e-commerce store as a young person interested in music gadgets, latest laptops, phones and sneakers but the landing page displays flash sales of baby diapers. Today the landing page of search queries from current and potential customers are optimized to reflect individual's interest, taste and style. You only see what you might be interested in because that is eventually what you'll buy. As eCommerce service providers now use Localization and Personalization to increase their revenue by over 40%, it becomes pertinent to integrate the right modules to give users the desired functionalities and retain their loyalty.
  • Know your cross-channel experience: Are you emailing promotions to customers? There is at least a 70% chance your email will be opened on a mobile device. Are you running social media campaigns? 80% of social media time is spent on mobile. Merchants who may not meet sale/revenue projection could possibly be failing as a result of the inability to use a responsive mobile shopping cart. As buyers tilt more to shopping on the go, a focus on a mobile commerce strategy will help you achieve your overall goals.
  • Ease of navigation and less friction: There is nothing as good as having a mega menu with clear hierarchical structure and every category as well as sub-category clickable. It is also a common practice to make your logo which must appear on all pages redirect to homepage. A good shopping site must use a well-structured footer/sitemap to help visitors find their way around. Eliminate frictions on mobile experience which may increase the likelihood of shoppers abandoning carts as a result of too many steps or fields to fill. Merchant must have a shopping system that allows adding products, moving to wishlist, deleting item, payment and checkout very simple. A one-page and guest checkout must be integrated to reduce cart abandonment. See in our module. And while it is absolutely necessary to give users this experience, merchant can also have the thrill of customizing their store on the go without hassles or coding this is the ultimate experience we bring with VPCart 8 and VPCart 9.
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality aided Shopping: The thought of it alone is refreshing. With this technology, you can virtually walk into your (e-commerce) boutique, select your preferred colour of shoe, and try it on using a VR/AR device to see how it looks on you, before proceeding to the sales page. This will certainly be a technology to watch out for, as this will no doubt provide the ultimate User Experience!

In days and months to come, there is no doubt that some impressive innovation will hit the ground. And we will try to keep you moving with this trend. We ask all our users to see what's coming with the release of one of the fastest and mobile responsive shopping cart with a user friendly interface, VPCart 9.

Did you know you can renew your current package at the price it is today and be upgraded to V9 for free when it is released? And regardless of when you renew, you get the clock started from the day we go live with free updates and upgrades for that 1 year period. Read more here.



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