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Exciting times for hackers

Exciting times for hackers
Monday, May 15, 2017

Hi everyone,

What a week for the UK's NHS. To think that if they had updated their PC's back in March they would have been ok.

If there is only one positive that is coming out from the WannaCry hack over the past few days is the fact that it has alerted everyone to the need to keep your PC up to date.

We have spent a busy weekend reviewing all PC's and servers are 100% up to date and will be finishing our updates in the coming days.

Hackers seem to delight in making everyones lives that little bit more miserable and deserve the full weight of the law enforcement agencies to come down very hard on their heads.

When we release security updates for our software it scares us to see how many stores are still vulnerable as the patches are not applied.

So everyone please make sure to keep a watch in your admin for any security patch alerts and when alerted download them from our site. We will never send out an unsolicited email with an attachment so please do not ever open any attachments in an email purporting to be from us. Download directly from our site.

  • Do not let anyone know your ftp or admin passwords
  • Do not let anyone know your email passwords
  • Do not open attachments even if from someone you know before carefully checking that the filename is not a trick name
  • If you see files on your site with an update date that does not seem right get in touch with us so we can verify for you
  • Make sure you keep up to date with security updates from Microsoft and us!

We are more than happy to assist with anything that looks suspicious to help ensure that you and your customers can work safely and securely online as it is far better to be safe than sorry.

Happy and safe selling!

Cam Flanigan


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