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Email Marketing

Sunday, February 3, 2019


One of the most effective ways of increasing sales on your website is through Email Marketing, often described as a major marketing tool in customer retention, it effectively connects you with the customers while giving you (the business owner) intuitive ways to encourage repeat purchases, making their business less dependent on the sometimes unreliable flow of Visitors/New customers. Most marketing experts believe that unlike other forms of digital marketing, email marketing has the highest ROI and it is quite important in increasing customer loyalty.

For this post, we going to be discussing four major emails that you might need to focus on,

  1. The Shopping Cart Abandonment email
  2. Order confirmation,
  3. Shipping confirmation, and
  4. Customer feedback.


Each of these emails has the potential to make a significant impact on creating a lasting impression with the customer, so we take it one after the other

a. The shopping cart abandonment email

Industry research has found that on average, over 65% of all shoppers abandon their shopping cart before they complete the checkout process. When shoppers do this, we call it shopping cart abandonment. There are several reasons a customer may decide to abandon their purchase but the two main ones are;

  1. Being forced to register an account before purchasing
  2. Having too many steps in the checkout process

You can easily reduce this with View One Page Check Out but once a potential customer leaves item(s) in their shopping cart for 12-24hrs without purchasing, it is time to send them a reminder that they still have items waiting to be purchased.

You might want to visually show them the products added to their shopping cart along with a simple plain text, paired with copy that nudges them back to your store.

Ways to improve cart abandonment emails:

  1. The main message should be in text format Let the customers see the items right away without having to enable images. You should also include a link that takes them back to their shopping cart so they can easily complete the transaction.
  2. Use high-quality product pictures to remind the customer about item(s) in their cart that awaits purchase.
  3. Let them in on special incentives such as Coupons, free shipping or discounts might be the right way to go and if an item is running out of stock, you might want to alert the customers as a courtesy while also instilling a sense of urgency.
  4. Compel the customer with a specific call-to-action button. Keep it concise and limit yourself to a single CTA. Do not distract the customer from the action you really want the customer to take with multiple CTA.

b. The order confirmation email

Use your order confirmation email as a marketing opportunity. First, you need to carefully consider when the right time to sell to the customer is. Selling too soon after the sale might dampen their first impression of you, but selling too late increases the risk of having customers move on.

Often times, most customers just want A One Page Checkout page so they can see the final charges with shipping costs, so for repeat customers, you can use that opportunity to show them related products they can still add to their cart.


c. The shipping confirmation email

Get creative and delight your customers. Reports have shown that the anticipation and excitement of the customer at this stage of purchase means they’re more likely to engage with your email and may consider referring your website to their friends and family if promoted properly. Simply drive them to action and by encouraging them to get a gift for their friend(s) or family.

Ways to improve shipping confirmation emails:

  1. Allow your customer to track their order. Input the expected delivery date and tracking number linked to the shipping company so they can click once to see exactly where their order is in the shipping process. If you currently don’t have such a feature on your website, check out our FedEx Real Time
  2. Get more customers with a CRS. Provide the customer with a link to the product they just purchased. Increase your word-of-mouth marketing by implementing a Customer Reward System.
  3. Match customer’s purchase with suggested products. Allow your shoppers to purchase something they will actually be interested in.


d. Feedback email

Learn more from your customers, find out how happy or less contented they are with the services rendered to them, solicit and encourage more feedback from your customers.

Ways to go about it:


  1. Focus more on customer satisfaction, get your customer’s thoughts on how they feel about the services rendered. Track the metrics over time and seek actionable insights that you can adapt to your business.
  2. Post the survey form on your website let the customer see related offers/products after submitting their feedback.
  3. Show the review on the product page to boost buyers’ confidence.


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