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Effects of Good Customer Service on a Shopping Experience

Monday, April 8, 2019


How do we describe a wonderful customer experience, could it be logging on to a website with an awesome layout that allows easy navigation, or a live help that is readily available to assist with an online purchase, or getting a friendly human on the phone to help facilitate a sale in a short period of time, or smoothly maneuvering through a pleasantly designed website and checking out easily.

Then, comes the product or service description. How good was the quality of the product/service in comparison to the price, how easy was the payment process, how professional and smooth was the delivery, would the immediate experience give cause for repeat business, a business referral or a bad customer review. Now you can see that the importance of a good customer service experience cannot be overstated. Especially for businesses that do the majority of its business online.

Companies that invest in improving their customer’s experience have seen,

  1. 42% improvement in customer retention
  2. 33% improvement in customer satisfaction
  3. 32% increase in cross-selling and up-selling
  4. 86% of buyers will pay more for better customer experience

But for companies that took a lackadaisical approach to customer service management have experienced,

  1. 78% of their consumers have backed out on an intended purchase because of a negative experience. [Source: American Express]
  2. 91% of unhappy customers were not willing to do business with that same company again.

Taking small and large corporations in to the scope of customer service management, small online businesses have to do twice the job unlike large organizations and this is simply because larger organizations have larger advertising budgets with unlimited resources for promotions and support to work with while small online businesses lesser budget and resources to work with and for an online business platform where you have less than Five seconds to prove to an unseen Visitor that you are worth their time and that you can offer them a satisfactory customer experience, there is a bit of an uneven field for most small businesses compared to their larger counterparts

In this post, we would be addressing the positive effects of good customer service on the shopping experience and how to up your CRM game.

Loyal and Raving Clients

People talk a lot, a happy customer is more likely to share his/her customer experience with other people and positive customer experience impacts your company’s bottom line. One of the first impacts that the business will see from good customer service is consumer loyalty and raving fans. People will return to a business in which they feel they are treated with respect. Not only do these customers come back but they also tell their friends, post on social media and discuss the positive.

Try to invest in providing the best customer experience possible on your online platform. Making investments in delivering great customer service should be viewed as a revenue-generating opportunity, not a business cost.

It’s all about the experience

You can’t anticipate every customer issue but you can, however, prepare ahead for the inevitability and make it easy for your customers to contact you. The ability to be both reactive and proactive in those times you need to fix any problems your customers may encounter will pay off, literally. Preventing Negative Reviews or Returns

By providing multiple ways to solve issues through self-service documents like FAQs and knowledge repositories, of through responsive services like email and social media, or live services like chat, phone, and co-browsing, you’re elevating their experience not just as a customer but as a human being.

After all, your customers are like you. They like it when they’re treated fairly and they want to know they’re being heard. Put customers’ needs at the center of your business and stronger sales will happen. Your reputation will flourish. Your loyal customer base will grow.


Prevent Negative Reviews

As much as good customer service aids the sale process, bad customer service can kill an otherwise sure sale. When customer service representatives speak to customers in a condescending tone or cut them off, customers won't tolerate it. When someone is willing to spend money with your business, they deserve to be heard and treated with respect.

Those customers who have negative experiences with your company are more likely to return products for the smallest issue. Additionally, those with negative customer service experiences will likely write negative reviews on social media platforms creating a bigger issue. The business will now need to work harder to overcome the negative publicity.

Note to Remember

The costs that go into developing a better customer experience will come back to you 10x over in sales.


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