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You may have hundreds or even thousands of visitors coming to your online store but if they aren’t filling up their shopping carts and checking out then you may as well have nobody visiting your store at all.

So what can you do to encourage people to buy?

Focus on ‘Conversion Optimization’ – the phrase is pretty self-explanatory but conversion optimization is basically you experimenting with your website design, copy text, images, offers, pricing and any other variable on your store to see what increases conversions.

Before you begin fiddling around with minor details like this, use Google Analytics to find out exactly where on your website visitors are exiting. If they navigate away from your site immediately after landing, then it’s probably first impressions that are putting them off. However, if customers are filling up their shopping carts but not completing the transaction, you may want to ensure your store adheres to the advice in this blog on Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment.

If there is a particular point on your website that customers are exiting, then it is here that you may want to begin with your conversion optimization experiments.

How do you do this?

The most popular and effective method is A/B testing. A/B testing is when you create two versions of a page on your website (Version A & Version B) then have half your visitors go to each version. You then track the behavior and conversion rate of visitors to each version and if one version is a clear winner, you make that version the permanent page and experiment with another element.

Sound complicated? It isn’t, Google Analytics Experiments is free and simple to use and you can test multiple version of a web page rather than just two (e.g. A/B/C/D/E Testing).

What to test

Text – Try long copy, short copy, informative copy, funny copy, even changing just one word can have significant effects.

Colour – Button colour in particular is a popular A/B test and can have powerful effects, look how changing a button from green to red increased conversions by 21% for this website. Just don’t assume what works for them will work for you.

Layout – Should you go for a complicated layout with lots of options or a simple clean layout which directs visitors to certain parts of your website? A/B test it!

Images – If you use images on your site, try changing the size / location of them or even use different images all together. Checkout the following post on how certain images convert better than others.


Start A/B Testing today and see how much you can increase your conversion rate by. Just remember, only test one part of your site at once or you won’t know which part is increasing / decreasing conversions!

Please leave any comments / questions below.

Happy Selling!

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